About Us

We are two Melbourne-based foodies from East Africa. We develop recipes and run cooking classes.

We call ourselves two nomads because we are two and we’ve moved around a lot and actually have a nomadic heritage. We are Somali, a pastrolist community spread all over the Horn of Africa and East Africa. Our families’ nomadic footsteps ended in Kenya and Tanzania where we were born and raised and here we are in beautiful Australia. 

Our food and culture is a fusion of the countries that gave birth to us. Australia with its multi-cultural communities adds yet another dimension to the influences that continue to shape us.

Get in touch if you are curious about East African food.

Shukri Abdikarim

I started cooking when I was nine years old. I would write recipes from my mother, aunties and friends in a big black book that is the trusted source of many tried and tested recipes. I still have the same book, old and tartered now, but very much used!

I grew up in the ancient city of Mombasa, Kenya. It is a melting pot for immigrants from Africa, Iran, Portugal, Oman, Yemen and the Indian sub-continent. This is why our food is familiar yet different to many around the world.

Abderazzaq Noor

I spent much of my childhood helping out in the family restaurant which specialised in Somali cuisine. This was the start of my appreciation for good food and cooking.

I grew up in Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest freshwater lake, and then moved to Kenya not far from the Ugandan border.

My love of history and writing led me to starting a food blog with Shukri in 2012. The blog – The Somali Kitchen – has now morphed into cookingwith2nomads (we like change!).  

Shukri and I continue to develop recipes – mostly East African, but we like all sorts of other cuisines.,